lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Larus fuscus fuscus. White C20C

Baltic Gull, Larus fuscus fuscus, adult. July 2010. Ringed in Finland, 28 June 1996. Hence, this beauty has 14 years and one month...

miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Larus argentatus White CCC14

Scandinavian Herring Gull, Larus argentatus argentatus. Juvenile, August 2010. Ringed in Finland in 2010. W[CCC14]

martes, 3 de mayo de 2011


Baltic Gull Larus fuscus fuscus. Tampere dump, Finland. Aug 19, 2010.

Note the small white subterminal mark on P9 (only in the left wing).